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district saturday when he responded to a call from the mother of a missing 15-year-old girl. sunday, the mom called back from her apartment to report her daughter returned home. the family was surprised when late sunday night, officer washington turned up at the door. he asked to meet the 15-year- old alone in her room. telling her to take off her top so he could photograph her as part of the police procedure. later, he asked the teen to take off her pants and allegedly took explicit photographs. after leaving, brooklyn told her mother and called police. an alert went out before his shift was over. investigators seized his kodak camera and found explicit pictures of the victim, including a number of pictures that had to be recovered after being deleted. also disturbing this case, on that camera, there are also pictures of what appear to be
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two other victims unidentified juvenile girls. today, chief kathy lanier called this shocking and disturbing. she is asking district drentz who's have any suspicions or knowledge of any potential cases to contact police tonight. this officer is being held without bail tonight. reporting live, scott broom, wusa9. >> another disturbing story to tell you about. a father today described his autistic son's horrible agony as he struggles with allegedly sexual abuse at the hands of his teacher. montgomery county police are trying to find the woman you see here. sharon who has apparently fled to hong kong, one step ahead of the cops. bruce leshan is live at policeheadquarters with the latest. what have you learned? >> quite a bit, jan. unlike nsa leaker, edward snowden. police do not believe that sharon, 25 years old, will escape justice for long.
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they are right now in the process of requesting her extradition by chinese authorities. >> minister, ronald harding bravely stepped to the microphone with his wife to describe his son's reaction to what happened to him. they were driving past the school in rockville where the boy was a student. on their way to report his alleged abuse at her hands to child protective services. >> he began to rip pieces of the door panel off of the inside of our car. it is challenging for him because with autism, he does not display his emotions, but he feels them deeper than most of us. >> the parents struggled for years to find the right school for the autistic, but high functioning 15-year-old. but police now believe that while his parents were at church, she sent text messages and then twice came by their home and had sex with the child. >> the audacity of what
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happened in our home while we were at church. >> this was particularly disturbing. our victim is a child and a child with special needs. he should have been nurtured and protected by his teacher. >> did she flee to hong kong? >> someone in her apartment declined to talk to us, but police say hong kong is exactly where the alleged abuser is now. they say early in the morning after they searched her home and obtained an arrest warrant, she took a flight from new york to china. >> do you think you know where she is in hong kong or do you think she disappeared? >> i think the chinese government is going to have a sufficient investigative lead to locate her and i don't think it's a matter of if we find her, but a matter of when. >> now, the school says as soon as it found out about text messages between the boy and the teacher, a manager called her in, suspended, and then terminated her.
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but it was apparently that meeting that alerted her. she was in deep trouble and sent her fleeing one step ahead of the law. jan. >> all right, bruce leshan live for us. thank you. first, it was montgomery and prince georges counties and hours ago, the d.c. council voted to raise the minimum rage to $11.50 an hour. it was a unanimous vote. now the vote was just preliminary. final approval is expected next month. mayor vincent gray says he would have preferred a $10 an hour minimum wage, but the council should have enough votes to override any veto. >> checking up on the affordable care act, the white house is going on a three week offensive to push the government's new healthcare program. battered by two months of bad publicity, the administration says the affordable care website is operating much more smoothly now. president obama kicked off the public relations campaign today. >> this law is working and will work into the future.
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people want a financial stability of health insurance and we're going to keep on working to fix whatever problems come up. >> says more than a million people visited the website monday with no major problems. but republicans say the new law is still broken. house speaker, john boehner, says the administration's healthcare program is fund mentally flawed and continues to reek havoc on american families, businesses, and the economy. >> police are offering a reward of up to $25,000 tonight to help catch a killer. the victim is anthony robinson gunned down late last night in the 1900 block of 17th street southeast. robinson was 26 and so far, police have no suspects and no motive. >> take a look at this mess on the beltway. just before 11:30, maryland state police say two vehicles collided near route 50. one of those vehicles was hauling trash, which then spilled all over the interstate. crews have since cleend
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cleaned up that mess. >> the release of a man being held in cuba. they held a vigil today in support of allen. today marks four years that he's been held in a cuban prison. he was working in cuba as part of a u.s. agency to increase access. the cuban government arrested and sentenced him to 15 years in prison accusing him of trying to undermine the regime by setting up unauthorized communication systems. his wife says that her husband is always on her mind. >> i wake up with allen on my mind in the morning and the last thing i think of when i go to bed at night. i'm constantly thinking of my next meeting or my next press interview. constantly thinking of allen's health. >> this is the first time she and other supporters have called upon the president directly to get involved with getting her husband home. he says allen has lost more
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than 100 pounds and his mental health is faltering as well. did the united states torture suspects in a secret prison in poland? today, judges in europe's human rights court are examining claims from guantanamo bay prisoners. the men claim they were subjected to mock executions and water boarding. the cia says it now interrogates suspects at sea and that all secret prisons have been closed since 2006. the court gave no timetable for its ruling. vice president joe biden is in japan tonight at the start of a week-long trip through asia. he is standing united with japan in a growing territorial dispute with china. alfonzo has the latest from london. >> reporter: when vice president joe biden stepped off his plane in tokyo, he stepped into an escalating dispute between japan and neighboring china. >> we, the united states, deeply concerned by the attempt to unilaterally change the
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status quo in east china sea. >> the united states and japan say kentucky china is setting up a new air defense zone over the east china sea. an area japan claims it controls. the vice president talked about the dispute as he met with japan's prime minister. >> this action has raised regional tensions and increased the risk of accidents and miscalculation. >> the united states put its own b52's into the zone last week in a move to show that washington doesn't recognize china's claim. but, the u.s. told u.s. commercial airlines to give notice of their flight plan ahead of time. the zone measures about 600 miles from north to south above international waters separating china, south korea, japan, and taiwan. biden is urging japanese and chinese leaders to do everything they can to stop further escalation. alfonzo, cbs news. vice president biden travels to beijing to meet with china's president later this
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week. we're look live right now at the west lawn of the u.s. capitol and just behind the speaker you see there is the capitol christmas tree and there's a six-year-old not from here, took a nice little trip here. he's going to throw the switch at 5:25 and we're going to see all those lights that will decorate the spruce. so, we'll take you back out to the capitol in time for the big moment. two wal-marts ready to open up in d.c. bringing with it hundreds of new jobs. coming up 5:30, responding to accusations of lowballing its employees. pretty nice evening, but clouds will return. we'll come back and let you know when we're going to need this and talk about the 60s and a wintery mix. it's all on the seven-day. is it possible to be overweight and healthy? i'm marley hall in new york. i'll have the answer coming up. and right after the break, yet another black friday brawl
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caught on tape. this one at a nearby victoria secret. i tried depend last weekend. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise.
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the black friday brawl caught on tape just keep coming into our newsroom. this video posted on youtube shows shoppers getting into it at the victoria secret at west field annapolis mall. really? over some underwear? two women exchanged punches and had to be separated. >> wow. and i understand police are now looking for two women because a teen supposedly got hurt in all of this. a 17-year-old. >> what happened? you know? people can get hurt when they lose their mind. instead of throwing punches, how about we give joy this morning, today. my daughter and i went on to give joy and we picked great presents. it was a lot of fun. it was quick and easy.
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>> we have an easy way for you to do the same thing with a few clicks on your computer. you don't have to deal with madness at the store and the parking and all that. earlier today, i also bought a toy and i wanted to show you how easy it is. take a look. >> you can do it from where you're watching us right now. go to and click on the give joy tab at the top of the page. from there, it will direct you to this panel and if you want to give a gift, click on that, and scroll down and you'll see a list of organizations that volunteers of america support. i'm going to pick opportunities for growth housing in prince georges county, maryland. that's going to direct you to an amazon page. what you are looking at are all the toys on the wish lists of the kids in that organization. i see ty beanie baby. i'm going to purchase that. i add that to my cart and i check out and you're given a couple options where you want it shipped to. you want to ship it correctly
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directly to the organization. no parking, no dropping off toys any of that stuff, and you're done. and it's that easy. lesli did it with her daughter this morning. >> it was great. it took me less than 30 seconds. and a lot of these toys are inexpense i expensive and helping all the needy families. go to and give joy tab. you can also give a card and write a special message to some of these kids. >> and it's giving tuesday. why not give joy on giving tuesday? we're going to move on because tonight's health alert is all about the story that basically says, there's no such thing as being healthy and overweight. this is according to new research and marley hall is going to tell us all about it. >> 48-year-old, grace newman is hitting the gym hard these days at 5'2" and 178-pounds, she's the heaviest she's ever been. >> i have to lose weight
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because every day, going up and down the stairs, i'm out of breath. >> some studies suggested being overweight or obese may be a benign condition if a person doesn't have problems like high cholesterol, blood pressure, or diabetes. now new research finds being healthy and overweight is just a myth. >> being obese, even in the absence of measurable risk factors is an increased risk of cardiovascular event. there is something we aren't able to measure. the sub cellular or genetic level. >> canadian researchers looked at studies published over the last 60 years and the rates of stroke were higher. with 155 million adults overweight or obese in the u.s., doctors say it is critical to eat right and exercise to maintain a healthy weight. >> you are going to alternate. >> personal trainer, eli recommends easing into lifestyle changes. >> a lot of people start programs and fall off because they try to make too many
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changes all at once. >> i want to lose 25-pounds. >> grace is hoping to drop her extra weight in the next four months. marley hall for cbs news, new york. >> study found that people who had high risk factors, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol had an increased risk for heart disease or death even if they were a normal weight. tracking weather with an hour by hour forecast. wusa9's first alert weather. >> i think today would have been a great day to do exercising outside. wow, what a warmup i felt. >> would have been a good day do that. we got close. >> i did get close. motivation way, yay close, but tomorrow is another day. tomorrow will be nice as well. in fact, we're looking at 60s before the week is out. don't get used to that. we also have a wintery mix on the way. let's start with a live look outside. we're looking at the capital. soon to be in scaffolding. 50 right now.
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relative humidity 61%. that's still pretty high. you get dry air masses this time of year. we talked about how this is the time of year you add moisture back to your home. don't have to today. winds out of the south at 7 and the pressure falling a little bit. satellite picture radar combined, a ton of snow going on from utah through colorado up into the plain states, even up into minnesota. but all this activity. all this stays to north of us. even showers and thunderstorms headed toward chicago. that stays to the north of us. the clouds come back in tonight. in fact, they are already on our doorstep. we will remain dry. no showers tonight. a couple stray showers tomorrow. temperatures, mainly in the 50s. white oak sneaks in at 49. that seems to be a cold spot. 52 in arlington. 49 also in reston. 50 in fairfax. we'll look at that, 49 in springfield and 51 in waldorf.
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chilly at the bus stop, 30s and 40s. a stray shower on wednesday. pretty good tradeoff for mid 50s and 60s move in on thursday. so, for tonight, returning mostly cloudy. everybody stays above freezing. 36 to 44. winds south, southeast at 10. by morning, a lot of clouds, dry, we'll call it cool. 30s and 40s are not bad for early december. by afternoon, breezy and mild. a sprinkle or shower possible. high temperatures around 55. winds south, southeast at 10 to 15. so we'll break it down. in the city, mid 40s to start. upper 40s by 9:00. low 50s by 11:00 which is seasonal. and then mild by 1:00. temperatures in the mid 50s. so, we're looking at 56 tomorrow, stray shower. 66 on thursday. yes, we gain 10 degrees and then on friday, we're going to keep it green for now.
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we'll assess this as we get closer to it as to how heavy the rain will be. temperature wise, no problem. 61 with some showers and rain. now, the next seven days, have not changed sunday. saturday we left the shower in the morning and made it colder, upper 40s. that hasn't changed. but then sunday, a wintery mix and we have the redskins in town, we have the ravens in town, we have the classic at the verison center. then it gets warm with showers. then cold again on tuesday with rain ending as snow. temperatures fall throughout the day on tuesday. speaking of falling temperatures and wintery mixes, this was sent to us by jeremy from frostburg and this was a week ago last tuesday before thanksgiving. we had a little bit of ice and snow up in the frostberg area and that was an icy pine during the freezing rain. nice picture. >> and one tree to another, this is the capital christmas tree. 88 feet tall. all a glow in 10,000 lights and there was a six-year-old little guy from washington state who
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helped to flip the switch. there it is. beautiful. beautiful. we'll be back.
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d.c. mayor said all he plans to say about the corruption in his 2010 campaign and the mayor made that clear at his first press conference since entering the democratic primary yesterday. bruce johnson reports that he will try to shape the debates since taking office. >> how much money you think you're going to need to raise in this campaign? >> d.c. mayor appears determined to talk more about his successes after winning office and the 2010 campaign that got him there. >> can you go any further than you've already gone other than saying you did nothing wrong? can you tell us when you found out? >> i said that repeatedly. people get a campaign because they want to. people want to be the mayor of the district of columbia. the people who like the title. i think they aught to articulate a vision for the district of columbia. >> four people from that campaign have taken felony guilty pleas for corrupt activities. federal prosecutors have not
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accused gray. the mayor steadfastly denied any wrong doing, but with no further explanation of how his last campaign went off the tracks. >> can i ask you if you are willing to go further? you did nothing wrong? >> i've said what i said. i said it repeatedly. >> four d.c. council members say gray should be a one-term mayor. >> three council members -- three more admonished by the ethics board. part of all that. wanting to just say, ignore all that is really not being respectful to the voters. >> i intend to talk about the future of this city. >> mayor gray held today's press conference in the shah neighborhood. all to highlight new projects that he says brought more than 17,000 jobs to the city. more affordable housing improved student test scores. less crime and lower unemployment. a test run for a major campaign kickoff. >> you know, the issues from
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three plus years ago, they eventually will be taken care of, bruce, you know, they continue to be reviewed. >> i want to talk about the future of the district of columbia. >> of course, we still don't know if the u.s. attorney will have more to say about the mayor's campaign. yesterday after mayor gray announced his reelection bid, u.s. attorney's office said only that the probe continues. this is bruce johnson reporting from 7th and 0 northwest from wusa9. >> mayor gray plans to be active in this reelection campaign and named veteran political operative, chuck, as his campaign manager. still ahead, how u.s. students match up with their international counterparts in core subjects. we'll tell you if they are making the grade. >> plus, one report points the finger directly at the conductor of the train. in this weekend's deadly derailment. >> i'm debra in one of wal- marts set to open tomorrow, but not everyone is happy about it and has to deal with two things, money, money, and
5:26 pm
money. that up next. you're watching wusa9 news at 5:00 p.m. thanks for joining us, we're back after this.
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checking up on our top stories. a d.c. police officer is being held without bail tonight. 32-year-old, mark washington is accused of taking naked pictures of a 15-year-old girl.
5:29 pm
washington faces a maximum of 30 years in prison. montgomery county police are on the hunt for a teacher they say sexually assaulted a 5- year-old boy who suffers from autism. sharon is believed to be in hong kong. cops are working on getting her extradited back here to the united states. and just a short time ago, the d.c. council voted to raise the city's minimum wage to $11.50 an hour. today's vote is just preliminary. final approval is expected next month. a debate over a living wage in d.c. earlier this year threatened to derail wal-mart's plans to open stores in the district. now months after some controversy, the first stores will open tomorrow. debra is live at the h street store blocks away from union station. it's also going to bring in a lot of jobs. >> absolutely. 300 of them. they say people working behind us at this wal-mart on h street. a lot of people very excited about this.
5:30 pm
just as many, not so happy. critics say they just pay too little while supporters need the job. if you're wondering what a wal- mart looks like in the middle of the concrete jungle, here's the sneak peek. >> first of all, we have a -- this is our urban washington, d.c. store. >> this is a big box retailer at the heart of the district's on going minimum wage battle. you might recall lawmakers wanted to raise it from $8.25 to $12.50 an hour. we asked wal-mart manager, eric, with the 300 brand-new workers are making. >> we stay right in with the same or exceed the competitive wage. >> that's higher than the current minimum wage, but wouldn't give us a number. >> we vote for minimum wage, $11.50. >> today, a rally and a vote put the minimum wage debate back on the table. d.c. council ain
5:31 pm
the minimum wage across the city to $11.50 by 2016. of course that would have to be approved by mayor gray. we asked. >> i don't know about that. i'm more excited about showing the store and what we offer. >> police are telling people that if they are going to be driving through this area or driving by georgia, tomorrow to watch out. there's going to be a lot of traffic because again, they will open up tomorrow. there's a big ribbon cutting and they will be open around 8:30, 9:00 every day they will open at 6:00 a.m. a lot of excitement going on here. we'll have a lot more later on. for now, we are live by h street. wusa9. >> workers across the country are preparing to walk off the job thursday. it's the latest action in a movement to increase pay for low age workers. the protest began in november last year when workers walked away from their jobs in new york. president obama endorsed the minimum wage to $10 an hour, but the proposals have gone
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nowhere in congress. new information tonight on that deadly train derailment in new york city. today we learned that the operator of the train told law enfor enfortsment, enforcement. investigators determined there was nothing wrong with the brakes, which operator william rockefeller says he applied as the train was crashing. the train was going 82 miles an hour when it went off the tracks killing four people. a final report has now been released about ath of the cleveland kidnapper. the conclusion is, he committed suicide in his prison cell. two nationally regarded correction consultants issued the findings and they rejected a suggestion that his death by hanging was an accident. castro was serving a life sentence for imprisoning and raping three women for a decade. a federal judge gave detroit the green light today to proceed with the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. the ruling permits the city to
5:33 pm
avoid paying billions of dollars it owes to city employees and other creditors. unions and pension funds argued detroit should not be able to file bankruptcy to avoid its financial obligations. you can bet appeals are expected. >> the d.c. medical examiner released its findings into the death of a seven-year-old autistic bow. a body of michael kingsberry was discovered on the back floor of the vehicle less than half a block away from his home. police and the boys mother said they checked that same car several times and did not see him. the autopsy report lists the cause of death as hyperthermia and the manner of death is accidental. only on 9 tonight, one family struggled to find affordable care for their heroin addicted son and insurance coverage to pay for his treatment. 85% of americans have health insurance, but individual companies very dramatically and what they'll cover and for how
5:34 pm
long. andrea mccarren joins us live with more on this and how expensive is this treatment? >> it really varies. i mean, treatment for addiction can cost as much as $1,000 a day, even more. but you're about to meet a 24- year-old man who has a full- time job and didn't steal from his family or friends to fund his drug habit. that's unlike many addicts, but he faces an overwelming challenge. battling both his addiction and his insurance. >> lucas miller's guitars is one of his favorite possessions. but in the suffocating existence that is addiction, he sold it to a pawnshop to ensure his next fix. >> the second you wake up until the second you go to bed at night, that's all you are worried about. >> lucas' addiction to painkillers and heroin ravaged
5:35 pm
every aspect of his life. >> you aren't worried about whose feelings you hurt, you aren't worried about who might die because of this as long as i get my drugs. i'll be all right, and the next day you wake up and it starts all over again. >> now when lucas made the decision to get help, his insurance company referred him to a facility. and you're not going to believe what happened once he got there. we'll have that story tonight at 11:00 and we want to hear from you. join the discussion about addiction and insurance coverage on our wusa9 facebook page. jan. andrea, thank you. american students aren't making the grade, at least when it comes to math and science and reading. a global exam given to 15-year- olds finds u.s. students showed very little improvement over the past decade. they scored below the international average in math and just about average in science and reading. teens from asian countries scored highest. half a million students in 65
5:36 pm
countries took part in the assessment test. a revealing study sheds some light on the way men think. and why some activists say that chimps need to be treated like people. we're going to talk about those stories and more in two minutes. top. >> what we have is an on, off switch. we aren't that complicated. right now we are falling into the 40s. 48 in gaithersburg and frederic. 50 downtown and 48 in manassas. we'll come back and talk about when the 60s roll in. when the showers return and when the wintery mix rolls in as well. >> also ahead, the most popular baby names for 2013. we're back after this. ñzçzçzç m.
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updating that train derailment in new york this weekend that killed four people. the at is reporting that the engineer of the train apparently says he caught himself nodding off just before the train derailed. the ntsb is investigating that accident, which again killed four people, injured several others and we also learned that there was not a problem with the brakes. >> we will pivot a bit and
5:40 pm
let's face it, right? it's the news we knew all along. right? >> a new study shows the men use only half their brains. the team from the university of pennsylvania discovered that a majority of information path ways run the length of the hemisphere. men are in fact more likely to be right brained or left brained people as opposed to a little bit of both. >> maybe they are more creative or more logical, but not a mix of both. the men are disputing this in the newsroom here. >> it could explain why, my husband will look at me and he does not hear a word i'm saying most of the time. an unusual lawsuit has been filed in a request for freedom. >> activist group says chimps should have the same legal rights as we do. fighting to free four chimps held captive in new york. the activists want these chimpanzees moved to a sanctuary. the group plans to file suit across the country on behalf of
5:41 pm
captive animals. >> okay. >> all right. >> all right, so you know, these kind of stories about baby names are fascinating because back in our day, there were names on the top of the list. now aiden is out. jackson is now the top name for boys. let's check out that list here. >> i know some jackson's. aiden comes in second, followed by liam and lucas and noah. as for girls, the three top names are still sophia, emma and olivia followed by isabella. parents are less interested in naming children after celebrities. instead, relatives appear to be more important when it comes to baby names. you know, paying amage to a family member that you love as opposed to a celebrity that you don't know. >> coming up, don't let your battery operated gifts run out of juice.
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which ones consumer reports last the longest. but up next, millions of online shoppers help make monday a record-breaking day. the pain started up the back of my head and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency room recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight.
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when i had shingles the music stopped.
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in tonight's consumer alert, online shopping on cybermonday hit a record high for the first time in its history. ibm says sales jumped nearly 21% from last year. and more people used a mobile device to make their purchases which made up 17% of the total of cybermonday sales. now, if you were one of the few people who decided to stay away from the black friday shopping crowd and you ditch cybermonday all together, you still have prime days to get your shopping done. there are plenty of opportunities to find deals in stores and online. holiday shopping started a bit sluggish. according to the national retail federation, shoppers spent an average of about $407 over thanksgiving. 4% less than the same period last year. it's the first decline since 2009. 141million people shopped in store or online during the four- day weekend with an expected 131 million on cybermonday. but you can catch more big
5:46 pm
shopping days between now and december 25. green monday is december 9. green, as in cash, a huge day for retail. it doesn't get the same buzz as cybermonday, but the deals have been just as good in previous years. and mark december 18, that is free shipping day. hundreds of retailers will participate and every delivery is guaranteed by christmas. for procrastinators, december 21 is just for you. it's super saturday because retailers rake in big bucks and super saturday marks one of the last big days for stores to clear out their holiday inventory. you can get a ton of discounts on a bunch of stuff. all right, what about batteries? all those batteries you need to power up the toys, you'll get jan. consumer reports tested 15 kinds of aa, lithium and alkaline batteries on a test rack to measure just how long they would last in flashlights
5:47 pm
and digital cameras. the toys r us ultra delivered 4 hours of flashlight time and 49 shots for digital camera, but the energizer ultimate lithium rated tops for these devices. and for toys that are used less often, i should say, the duracel proved the best alkaline at half the price. >> don't you think toy companies have a deal with the battery companies? >> hours of tech fun and learning in a durable kid- friendly tablet and a car that lets you crawl around. these are our top picks today. this is the vtech h innotab. a game player, an mp3 player all packaged in one. you can personalize this. it has 20 apps already installed on it. and it apparently allows kids to send messages to their parents phones through an app
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that are secure, right? so, this is for kids ages 3 to 9. sells for about $99.99, but we found some for $69.99 online. shop, shop, shop. so this is innotab. now this could be driving to a house near you. this is the laugh and learn crawl around car. we decided not to open it because we want a little kid to have an opportunity to open this at home. but tons of stuff here. they have an interactive dash board, car that plays 75 plus songs, tunes, and phrases. 6 months to 36 months old will stay busy. they can crawl into it. that's why it's so safe because it's not moving. and like a ton of fun in a big ole box. >> my daughter would love this thing. what i like is you can't use it as a phone. >> no, you can't use it as a phone. all of these great things that you can click on. i know we have to get to derek and he's jealous he can't be out here hanging out with the
5:49 pm
innotab. >> you know why this is great for parents? if you have seen a bill before from a kid who has been texting and making crazy calls, maybe to china or other places, that's where that comes in handy. >> never seen such a bill, but have heard about them. let's talk about speed cameras in d.c. a new tool that tells you exactly where this new wide range of traffic enforcement is popping up all over town. we'll tell you about it, plus, that may be happening a lot faster than you might imagine. and do you have that one friend or family member that you can't find the right present for? we have great gift ideas to make that guy or gal happy this holiday season. we know that's very precious commodity and lesli, i'll see you at 6:00. >> all right. thank you. we've been talking about christmas lists and people put them together yet or not. >> you know -- >> what are you asking for?
5:50 pm
>> nothing. i have everything. >> you have everything. you have love. >> we don't want a moment. let's take a live look outside. it's our weather cam. and temperatures are around 50 down towfnlt there are some 40s. relative humidity is 61%. winds out of the south at 7. remember that old dew point, it cannot fall below that. so not going to be that cold. everybody stays above freezing. satellite picture, radar combined. it's cloudy down toward charlottesville and also approaching fredericksburg. clouds return tonight, but notice the green blobs are north of us. 52 in college park. but 48 in white oak. 48 also in bethesda and fairfax. 47 in reston. even waldorf checking in at 49. so, chilly tonight, clouds return. in fact, clouds will keep temperatures up a little bit. cool to chilly at the bus stop tomorrow. 30s and 40s and then seasonal
5:51 pm
with a stray shower on wednesday. a lot more cloud cover tomorrow and 60s move in on thursday. that's going to be nice. for tonight, returning mostly cloudy, chilly. 36 to 44. everybody stays above freezing and winds south, southeast at 10. so, downtown 40s to start. upper 40s by 9:00. and by 11:00, 51. that's our average high and even warmer, 54 and mild as we get into the 1:00 hour. so we got mid 50s tomorrow and 10 degrees on thursday. 66 and then on friday, warm with showers. we end up with 61 before the colder air moves in. we end up with temperatures in the upper 40s. still have that wintery mix on sunday. we have redskins in town, lots going on. we'll keep you posted. warm again on monday and rain may turn to snow before ending on tuesday with temperatures falling through the 40s. so, a wild seven-day. >> 66 and 33 in the same week.
5:52 pm
>> but you know, a good day to hang lights, thursday. >> and tomorrow. tomorrow and thursday i would try to get it done. >> you're so on the hook with that. >> all right, mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, where do rg3 and the redskins go from here? sports columnist, christine brennan shares her thoughts with our kristen berset coming up next. >> it's a shocking crime in prince william county, two middle schoolboys charged with sodamizing a girl. we have witnesses to the cr
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
well, it was another rough weekend for the washington redskins getting embarrassed in prime time. sunday night's loss to the giants eliminated the redskins from playoff contention. so, what happens now? joining me now from u.s.a. today, our friend, award winning sports columnist. we appreciate you coming in. let's start with rg3, there's been a lot of talk from opponents recently about whether or not rg3 is healthy. today new york giants safety commented on how many times griffin was getting hit in the game. he got hit 16 times, sacked five. roll says that they needs to make different decisions. how do they improve this going forward to protect rg3? >> so you don't have another situation like last year where you lose them in the offseason
5:56 pm
or worse. i do agree that he is getting hit way too much. it's cringe inducing. it's something you can't believe. obviously he has to learn either to stay in the pocket, jump off the ball quicker, what i notice so much in the game the other night was how he seems to think he will make a play by running to the sideline. it's okay to throw the ball away. it's okay to say, you know what? this is a broken play. he's trying to do too much. it's totally understandable for a young man who is frustrated with the sophomore slump that he's having or maybe even more. but he has to be smarter because he's a smart guy and he can play smarter. >> we saw alfred morris basically mia in the second half and mike shanahan yesterday in his press conference said our play calls were for griffin handed off to morris, but griffin decided to take some of those himself. >> that was troubling because there's got to be communication and rg3 has to do what the
5:57 pm
coaches are telling him to do. freelancing, i guess it's one thing if you are peyton manning, or even if you are russell wilson who is obviously now the class of that group of quarterbacks, surprise surprise, but not rg3, this is not the time to do it alone and go rogue, so to speak. this is a time to lean on your coaches, rely on them to gain that trust and build that foundation to play smarter football. >> and not play lead blocker either. you talk about that trust, will we see mike shanahan next year? there was talk about how he gotten too close to the griffins, maybe lost their trust. the way they handled everything. how do you see that situation developing? >> our friend had a great column and folks read it about the relationship. it really is. it's a lot messier than i think any of us thought. the inclination, the first reaction is, that shanahan has to go. this is just dreadful and he
5:58 pm
seems to -- once he lost the team or lost his quarterback, but the communication is dreadful. on the other hand, the contract is there and i wouldn't be surprised if he is still back for another season, but oh boy, this has been a mess. >> it's going to be interesting to see how that develops, some games left to play. christine brennan, we appreciate you coming in. that will do it for us. >> . >> is back and better than ever. that today from president obama as he tries to spread the word that the affordable care act is working. >> we will have the latest on obama care. the most important moment from your world today in 90 seconds. >> d.c. mayor, vincent gray appears determined to talk more about his successes after winning office in the 2010 campaign that got him there. can you go any further than you have already gone other than
5:59 pm
saying you have gone? >> still don't know if the u.s. attorney will have more to say about the campaign. >> newly released footage shows the aftermath of the commuter train going three times as fast as it should have been. >> engineer, william rockefeller told first responders that he began today. investigators are checking rockefeller's cell phone records to see if he was on a call or texting. >> the one thing passengers can control is a seat. it matters which car you choose. a former manager at the ntsb. >> when i ride the trains, i try not to sit in the first car, not to sit in the last car. >> middle car gives you the best odds of being protected. >> they believe the fiery crash that killed paul walker and a friend on saturday involved a single speeding car. the l. a. county sheriff's department investigated and ruled out a tip that the crash may have been result of a street race. >> some studies have suggested
6:00 pm
being overweight or obese may be a benign condition if a person doesn't have problems like high cholesterol, blood pressure, or diabetes. now new research finds being healthy and overweight is just a myth. >> being obese is a cardiovascular event. >> one day after the improved website went live, president obama wants americans to give another chance. >> and the president today says it is clear there's a high demand out there for affordable care. tara is at the white house with the latest. >> president obama is asking americans who need insurance to come back to newly overhauled >> do not let the initial problems discourage you because it's working better now and it's going to keep on working better over time. >> the obama administration says more than 1 million people logged on to the site monday and the system did no

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